About the Book

tahiliani-devidas-front-coverLive and Let Live Under One G-O-D                        
by Devidas (Dev) Tahiliani

Why have so many wars been fought in the name of Religion?

How can we eradicate the extremists of all religions?

The answer is to teach young people about Humanity and Spirituality (Universal Religion). The author has written this book to be adopted as a textbook in high schools all over the world.

Our world today is dominated by religions that require blind faith and obedience. Humans will continue to abuse each other until we understand that we share a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. The power of our inner spirituality is called humanism.

We can each follow our own path and share our faith with others without hatred, scorn, or violence, and accept other paths as equally valid to our own. It is good to have some kind of faith, but we must follow it with reason.

Published by RoseDog Books, 2016