5.04 – WHAT IS LIFE?

 Life is a Challenging Journey:

Challenge of course we have to meet and journey we have to complete.

We all must travel in our own unique way

Memories behind us and dreams ahead

And a new beginning each day.

May you always find new paths to travel?

New horizons to explore and

New dreams to call your own.

A perfect life is a contradiction in terms. Life itself is a state of continuous struggle between us and everything outside. Every moment we are actually fighting with external nature, and if we are defeated our life must go. There is for instance, a continual struggle for food, water and air. If food, water or air falls we die. Life is not a simple and smooth flowing thing; it is complex affair. This struggle between something inside and the external world is what we call life. So it is clear that when this struggle ceases there will be an end of life. What is meant by ideal happiness is this: the cessation of struggle. But then life too will cease, for the struggle can cease only when life itself has ceased.

Laws of nature are a method, the manner, in which our mind grasps a series of phenomena; it is all in the mind. Certain phenomena, happening one after another, or together, and followed by the conviction of the regularity of their recurrence, thus enabling our mind to grasp the method of the whole series, are explained by what we call natural law.

Life is but momentary, whether you are a toiler in the streets or an emperor ruling millions. Life is but momentary, whether you have the best of health or the worst. There is but one solution of life and that solution is SELF REALIZATION. If God and Religion are real, then life becomes explained, life becomes bearable and life becomes enjoyable. We have to see God to be convinced that there is God. Nothing but our own realization can make religion real to us.


All these questions – whether there is immortal SOUL, whether there is GOD, whether there is any Supreme Intelligence guiding this universe, or not – are beyond the field of reason. Reason can never answer these questions. What does reason say? It says, “I am an Agnostic; I do not know either yea or nay.” Yet these questions are very important to us. Without a proper answer to them human life will be purposeless.

The human mind has a higher state of existence, beyond reason, a super-conscious state, and that when mind rises to that state, then this knowledge, which is beyond reason, comes – metaphysical and transcendental knowledge comes to that man. So this explains why an inspiration, or transcendental knowledge, may be the same in different countries, but in one country it seems to come through an Angel, and in another through a Deva, and third through God. It means that mind brought out the knowledge from within itself and that the manner of finding it was interpreted according to the beliefs and education of the person through whom it came.


If we have to renounce the results, why we have to work (mentally and physically) for the results?

Work is not an end itself, it is only means. Work is a means to self-purification and self-discipline and self-realization. That self purification will come about only if I work and accept whatever result the super power sends me.

What is truly successful and fulfilled life?

 Success is very often confounded with making money – plenty of money and with gaining prestige and reputation. True success does not lie in these things. True success is freedom and fulfillment. If you have freedom, if you have fulfillment, you have truly succeeded. True success belongs to a person who completely dedicates himself to the Lord, who works on this earth plane only as an instrument of the Lord, instrument of His mercy in this world of suffering and pain.

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