If the priests and other people who have taken upon themselves the task of preaching different religions simply cease preaching for a few moments, we shall see that Universal Religion is there. They are disturbing it all the time, because it is to their interest. Not only must they have the spiritual ideas, they also must come to you according your own method. They must speak your own language, the language of your soul, and then alone will they satisfy you. When the person comes who speaks my language and gives me the truth in my language, I at once understand it and receive it forever. This is a great fact.

Following are the three forms of the Universal GOD:

G – Generator – We are all given life by our Generator called GOD

O – Operator – All our lives are being sustained by one Operator called GOD

D – Destroyer – All our lives are destroyed in the end by one Destroyer called GOD

Why there is rivalry in religion?

 Rivalry in religion is meaningless. There can be no rivalry in true religion. Rivalry is due to two things – want of knowledge and lack of sympathy. Sometimes there is lack of sympathy and often there is lack of both. Religion, which was meant to be bond of union, has become a source of sectarian strife’s.

Why have so many lost faiths in religion, today?

People have lost faith in religion because religion has been separated from life. Religion will come in to existence when people will learn to live amicably and helpfully with their fellow men. Civilization is sinking, for there is lack of unity in our lives. Civilization may be saved if life is built in the vision of the One-in-all.


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