SELF-AWARENESS:-    Life is a Challenging Journey. So Challenge we must meet and Journey we must complete. Every time a challenge comes in one’s life, whether it is about family, job, friends, personal relationships etc., one has to be aware of the following stages of awareness.

Stage 1. AWARENESS OF HOPE AND FEAR: Your desires are dissatisfied; something you want is meeting with opposition. There is underlying hope and fear. Your mind does not know what action to take. Every action has its consequences good or bad. There is big confusion in the mind. One gets frustrated and sometimes anger takes charge. Lot of energy is lost in thoughtlessness and one gets exhausted. The more one struggles to get free of a problem, the more he/she is trapped in to it.

Stage 2. AWARENESS OF MID WAY BETWEEN HOPE AND FEAR: Now one is tired, taken deep breath, sitting down calmly and started rationalizing the ideas of hope and fear. Your vision extends beyond the conflict, giving you more clarity. With clear vision, you no longer feel confused. The need to struggle begins to diminish. You start to let go. You approach decisions with confidence. You meet fear realistically and it starts to lessen. You can tell that you have reached this level of awareness when you no longer feel stuck. A process has begun. With greater expansion, unforeseen forces come to your aid. You move forward according to what you desire from your life. If one rationalizes the situation further, he/she will find that following questions come in to one’s mind.

  1. Why do I perceive the whole situation in negative way?

  2. Why do I assume certain things and do not look in to facts?

  3. Why do I expect certain things from other people? One should know that positive expectations are ruled by hope and negative expectations are ruled by fear.

  4. Why do I disguise my feelings? Being emotional is equated with being out of control; which itself is an undesirable feeling.

Stage 3. SELF-AWARENESS: This is the stage where no problem exists. Every challenge is a creative opportunity. You feel completely aligned with the forces of nature. The outer world reflects what is happening in your inner world. You feel completely safe and at home in the universe. This is the spiritual level. Now is the time to take some positive action.