BODY-CONSCIOUSNESS – The origin of negativity 

Body-consciousness is basically attachment to one’s physical self-image. One becomes trapped in the world of name and forms and limit oneself to the condition of the Place, Time, and circumstances that are surrounding him/her.

SOUL-CONSCIOUSNESS – The origin of positivity

In Soul Consciousness:  Soul is one’s Consciousness: How one sees others is definitely based on the consciousness with which one views him/her. Many times one does not see others, as they really are, but merely as part of their national, cultural or social background. Age, sex, profession, social status and degree of beauty add to the compartments that become subtle or obvious barriers in our relationship with them.

Following is the example of the boss towards his/her employees.

AWARENESS I am the boss here; I know more than everyone here. After all, that is why I am the boss. I am a spiritual being; I have to play out a role of responsibility. Each of my employees has his/her own specific role.
THOUGHT They should listen to me. After all I am the one who pays their salaries. Let me listen to their suggestions. Perhaps we can improve something.
DECISION I will show them who is the boss here. Let me understand each of their specialties.
ACTION The boss shouts and argues with them A two-way dialogue ensues.
RESULT Ill-feeling between boss and employees Respect and a climate of trust are maintained.