LIFE IS PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: –  Happiness is what everyone is seeking for, but the majority seeks in things, which are evanescent and not real. No happiness was ever found in the senses or in enjoyment of senses. Happiness is found only in the spirit. We the immortal, the ever pure, the perfect spirit, think we are little minds and we are little bodies. It is the mother of all selfishness. As soon as I think I am a little body, I want to preserve it, to protect it, to keep it nice, at the expense of other bodies. If a small fraction part of the human beings living today can put aside the idea of selfishness, narrowness and littleness, this earth will become a paradise.

Common prudent human beings think that the purpose of our existence is to seek happiness, it seems like common sense. But isn’t life based on seeking personal happiness by nature self centered, even self-indulgent?

Not necessarily, in fact survey after survey has shown that it is unhappy people who tend to be most self focused and are often socially withdrawn, brooding and even aggressive. Happy people on contrast are generally found to be more sociable, flexible, creative and are able to tolerate life’s daily frustrations more easily than unhappy people.

The turning towards happiness as a valid goal and the conscious decision to seek happiness in a systematic manner can profoundly change the rest of our lives.