Modern medicine and Healthy Life: – The skills of modern medicine are amazing. The miracles of healing performed by modern medicine are astounding. But the time has come when modern medicine must take a step forward. Doctors must find a way of treating the whole human being. Modern medicine takes care only of the body like a machine, which can be repaired when it goes out of order. Man is a composite being built of body, mind and soul. Each one of us is essentially a soul. If the soul is sick, do whatever you do to the body, it will keep on moving from one sickness to another. We need to treat the whole human being.

Doctors should teach the psychology of mind. Always be positive in your outlook upon life and expect the best. Plant beautiful thoughts in your mind. Control your anger, and animal appetites. Many doctors are drawing a correlation between an individual personality and the nature of his disease. Give and forgive and live a healthy life.

  1. The foundation of healthy body is a happy mind. Therefore let nothing agitate you or disturb your inner peace. Keep your upstairs (Brain) clean and your downstairs (Body) will be healthy.

  2. Eat a balancEd diet.

  3. Drink sufficient water.

  4. Take plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

  5. Laugh heartily. Laughter is at once a physical, mental and spiritual tonic.

  6. You must have sufficient sleep.

  7. You must have adequate exercise.

  8. You must have proper elimination (via bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin)

  9. Everyday you must spend some time in silence, Pray, Meditate, do your spiritual thinking.

  10. You must adopt a cheerful and positive attitude.

How can we overcome stress?

To overcome stress you need to understand what stress stands for:


  1. S – Smile – keep smiling
  2. T – Tolerance – grow in tolerance

  3. R – Relax – never be tensed

  4. E – Easy – Take it easy but not be lazy

  5. S – Service – keep serving

  6. S – Silence – practice silence and thereby turn to God

Note: – Opposite of “STRESSED” (unhappiness) is “DESSERTS” (happiness)