ONENESS: – There is but one Life, one World, one Existence, everything is that ONE. The differences are of degree and not of kind. All of us are going towards the same goal. The difference between weakness and strength is one of degree. The difference between virtue and vice is one of a degree. The difference between heaven and hell is one of a degree. The difference between life and death is one of a degree. All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because ONENESS is the secret of everything. All is the one, and the one manifest itself either as thought or life or soul or body. This being so, we have no right to look down with contempt upon those who are not developed exactly in the same degree as we are. Condemn none.

There is only one life, one world, and this one life and one world, appears to us to be manifold. This manifoldness is like a dream. When you dream, one dream passes away and another comes. None of your dreams are real. Dream comes one after another, scene after scene unfolds before you. So it is in this world of ninety percent misery and ten percent happiness. Perhaps after a while it will appear ninety percent happiness, and we shall call it heaven. But time comes to the humans, when the whole thing vanishes and this world appears as GOD himself, and his own sole as that God. Everything that makes for ONENESS is truth. Love is truth and hatred is falsehood, because hatred makes for multiplicity. It is hatred that separates man from man; therefore it is wrong and false. Love unites and love makes for ONENESS. For love is Existence, God Himself, and all this is the manifestation of that one love.