LIVE AND LET LIVE UNDER ONE G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer)

HOW TO LIVE AND LET LIVE UNDER ONE G-O-D: – Following are some of the lessons I have learnt for last 77 years, after reading good scriptures, holy books and magazines.

Meditation: – In these troubled times, if we can learn to meditate and find a place of calm and peace within ourselves every day, we will be able to face the challenges of life. Not only do we ourselves live more happy and balanced lives, receiving the joy of God’s love, but also we begin to radiate the peace and joy that we experience to those around us.

Inner and Outer Peace: – If each of us learned the art of meditation, this world would be filled with people who are peaceful and kind. There would be an end to wars and conflicts. We would each attain inner peace and happiness and help radiate it to all those around us. We would not only have peace within, but we would also have peace without. If followers of every religion truly observed the teachings of their great saints, the whole world would be an abode of love. People would be having direct experiences of GOD. People would have love for all humanity and all creation. There would be no wars, no crime, and no discord. There would be joy and peace on our planet.

Transformation: – By transforming ourselves, we can transform others, including our family, community, society, and eventually the whole world. Opportunities come by creation, not by chance. It is my prayer that the spirit of unity enlivens each of you and that we rest not until the whole world is an abode of peace and love. If you speak badly of others, the negative energy that you put out into the universe will return to you. The same is true of positive energy.

Brotherhood And Unity: – Understanding the worth and dignity of every human being is the key to brotherhood and unity.

Inner Light and sound: – If all seven billion people on our planet spent time daily connecting with the inner Light and Sound, each would realize his or her unity and would live a life of love. So let each of us begin with ourselves and SELF-REALIZE.

The Power of Thoughts: – Thoughts are more powerful than actions because they are the creators of actions. You have to keep in mind that the thought-waves of your good wishes and pure feelings, your vibrations of peace and love, can once again bring harmony in nature and happiness in the world. If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

RESOLVE RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS: – There has probably never been a time where there has been so much fear and conflict across the world, not just across oceans and borders but also across the breakfast table. In fact many now prefer conflict to peace, as they become addicted to the actions of anger and aggression, and the adrenaline rush, which results. They don’t really want conflict to end, in fact, they will say that some conflict is good to get things done and stimulate change. They are not aware that they are killing themselves. All conflict is simply a symptom of attachment to a position. And as we know, this generates fear, and fear if allowed to stay, eventually kills it’s host. All solutions are based on detachment or letting go. But that will be difficult until we can see that all possession is an illusion, that we have nothing to lose and that there are no victories in winning.