MY IDEA OF GOD: Sometimes I wonder, what was it that created this world. The “Big Bang Effect”!! Sure sure….if it was that then would have to be something that created that, and so on and so forth. I then participate in the so-called “faculty of wonder”, and realize, there is more to it than that. Unexplained events are as much a part of our lives, as the creation of this world. Setbacks come and go, providing a passage to the next phase of our lives. The wheels keep turning, the music keeps playing, and life goes on. As we are caught up in this ride and rhythm of life, we don’t take time to “think’, thinking we will miss too much if we do.

But the power is there, the one force that keeps everything in motion. That I believe is GOD. NATURE AND SOUL IS MY GOD.

G – O – D (These are just three forms of the same GOD)

(G) GOD as the Creator or Generator: Reason tells me that spiritual and material energy in the form of souls and matter didn’t just suddenly appear out of nothing.

  1. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be either created or destroyed. Matter itself is a form of condensed energy. Souls are also conscious points of energy. Both are uncreated and therefore eternal.

  2. The second law of thermodynamics shows us that energy, when in use, moves from a potential state, in which energy is available, to spent state in which it is no longer available.

Putting both laws together we have what appears to be a system in which the basic components have neither beginning nor end. They move towards a state of energy exhaustion (Entropy).

If, as has been shown above, GOD’s presence, power and knowledge are purely spiritual, then creation has to be a spiritual act and not a physical one. Creation can be understood as the regeneration or reshaping of what is already there.

(O) GOD as the Sustainer or Operator: We may think that GOD is the sustainer in the sense that he gives us our goods, wealth, health, food, water, air and so on. But that is not so. Whatever fruits one earns are the results of his/her own efforts, but GOD fills us with His Power, Virtues and Knowledge to help us in our spiritual endeavor and does not put bread on our tables.

(D) GOD as Destroyer: God is destroyer of Evil and the creator of Virtue.