GOD IS UNIVERSE: The effect is the cause in another form. How this universe was created. It could not have risen out of nothing. Out of seed the big tree grows; the tree is the seed plus the air and water that are taken in. So the cause is seed plus air plus water and the effect is the tree. Therefore effect is the cause in another form. Therefore we conclude that GOD has changed its form to make this UNIVERSE So GOD is the UNIVERSE because we have to see it through Time, Space and Causation.

Actually the GOD has not changed at all, it is just the perception. For example in the darkness of night, someone waiting for his companion looks upon a stump of tree as a ghost by a superstitious person or as a policeman by a robber, or as a friend. In all these cases the stump of the tree did not change, but there were apparent changes as perceived by different people. This world is admitted as an apparent world, bound by the laws of time, space and causation, GOD does not change.

God is eternal spirit. God is formless, all effulgence, all consciousness, all love, all light and sound, all peace and all bliss. Each religion recognizes one GOD as the creator of all. The word or name used for GOD may differ from one religion or one culture to another.

It is easier to have faith in the Personal God than in the impersonal. God dons the earthly cloak. He bodies forth the creation of His own time, and casts a far-flung glance into the yet unborn to bring it into existence. He reveals Himself to each individual according to his power of receptivity.

It is a sad fact that often the disciples of various paths misinterpret the teachings of their masters to the extent of claiming theirs as the only Master. In doing so, they bring their teachers down to the level of ordinary men. An aspirant, they claim, in spite of high achievements, counts for nothing unless and until he is prepared to give all credit to their master. WHAT BLIND IGNORANCE! 


If the master were an ear-witness of his disciple’s utterance, he would burn with shame.