FACE TO FACE WITH GOD: – To be in tune with yourself, go beyond the sound of thoughts, the sound of feelings and especially beyond the sound of What, Why, Who, Where, When.

What is God? The Divine, Supreme, Infinite, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Peace – that is God. GOD IS BEING-CONSCIOUSNESS-BLISS

GOD is described as having two aspects:-

Under one aspect we should know him as NATURE. NATURE is described as the cause in the creation of effects from causes.

Under other aspect we should know him as SOUL. SOUL is described as the cause of experiencing the pleasure and pain.

Why is there God? God is beyond human comprehension, but He is a living reality. He is no metaphysical abstraction. The existence of God cannot be proved through scientific experimentation. The proof of God lies in man’s need for God. Ever since the pre-historic ages when the primitive homo-sapiens invoked spirits to ward off natural calamities and later learnt to worship their own pantheon of Gods and demigods, man has been intuitively aware of the fundamental fact that there is a power which dictates all events and phenomena in this world and regulates the course of cosmic destiny.

Who is God? God is totality of all that exists, animate and inanimate, sentient and insentient. He is free from all ills and limitations. He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, and Omni truth. He has no beginning, middle or end. He is the indweller in all beings. He controls from within. God is all in all. God is the only reality in this universe. The existence of things is by the light of God. God is ever living. All depends on him. He is not dependent on anyone. He is the truth.

Where is God? There is no place where he is not. Just as one thread penetrates all the flowers in the garden, so also one Self penetrates all the living beings. He is hidden in all beings and all forms, like oil in seed, butter in milk and mind in brain, fetus in the womb, sun behind the clouds, fire in the wood, fragrance in flowers, gold in quartz, microbes in blood and life in the body. He is not very far, but is nearer to us than we are to ourselves. Close your eyes, withdraw your senses from your sensual objects. Search him in the heart with one-pointed mind, devotion and pure love. You will surely find him.

When is God? God is Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe. His attributes are: infinite power, limitless wisdom, boundless love, inexhaustible goodness, interminable justice, and absolute truth. Its glory, majesty, sovereignty is unparalleled. God’s will expresses itself everywhere as law. The laws of gravitation, cohesion, relativity, cause and effect, so also nature as a whole must be explained. It must have some cause. This cause must be different from the effect. It must be some supernatural entity i.e. GOD. Nature is not a mere chance, collection of events, mere jumble of accidents, but an orderly affair. The planets move regularly in their orbits, seeds grow in to trees regularly, the seasons succeed each other in order. It requires the existence of an intelligent being – GOD – who is responsible for it.