Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

Spirituality is a science and it concerns the discovery of the one self in all, whereas physical science is discovery of the laws of nature.

People are awed by the miracles of science as much as they are fascinated by the powers of spirituality.

There is an interaction and a unity between spirituality and science. Number of scientists has said that we are busy studying the electrons – what if the electron was to turn around and ask, “Who is this entity trying to study us?” This takes us to the fundamental question, what is Human? What am I? This makes many of us feel that science is now only one step away from spirituality. When scientists are able to answer this question, there will be total integration between science and spirituality.

It cannot be denied that modern medicines are amazing. The miracles of healing performed by modern medicine are astounding. But the modern medicine treats only the body, neglecting link the dimensions of human being. Modern medicine considers body as a machine, which can be repaired when it goes out of order. But human-being is a composite being built out of body, mind and soul. The body is only a garment we have worn. The mind is an instrument we have brought with ourselves to do our work on the physical plane. Essentially we are the SOUL. If the soul were sick, do whatever you will with the body, it will keep on moving from one sickness to the other.