Science: – The purpose of science is to study our world – the physical universe,

the human experience, and all of nature – and provide conclusions that

add meaning to our lives and help us make decisions. Science is insatiable; once

a particular conclusion is reached, it is time to move to next. It seems almost

inevitable that someday science will start to tackle the spiritual questions of

life. One could argue that science will never really achieve its ultimate purpose

until it starts to tackle the questions of GOD, the existence of SOUL, and

other spiritual matters.

Religion: – Among all religions there is one common mystical idea that what

we call “Reality” is actually an “Illusion”. The mystical sects of all religions

tell us that our five senses only give us a limited view of a greater infinite Reality.

It is the reality of our Inner Self, our true self that is eternal and presents

everywhere. The SOUL does not die, and is therefore much more “Real” than

the body, which is just a temporary vehicle for the Soul. It is the common belief

among the mystics that both time and space are part of the illusion, the veil

that covers the truth.