Over-Powering Negative Emotions in Life: –

It is a fact that ultimate happiness depends on eliminating our negative behaviors like Desire, Anger, Greed, Attachments and Ego. But these kinds of emotions seem to be a natural part of our psychological make up. All human beings seem to experience these darker emotions to one degree or another. It seems impractical and even unnatural to try to completely eradicate something that is integral part of our natural make up. Among humans these emotions vary according the degree of emotions. But above thinking is wrong. For example all of us are born in an ignorant state. In this sense ignorance is also quite natural. When we are young we are quite ignorant, but as we grow day-by-day through education and learning we can acquire knowledge and dispel ignorance. So if we leave ourselves in a ‘natural state’ without making an effort to dispel these negative emotions, then these negative emotions will overpower your education, learning and training; whereas we should gradually reduce our negative emotions to a lesser and lesser degree and increase positive state of mind such as Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

There are three methods of over-powering negative emotions:

1. Valid Foundation – These two kinds of emotions (positive and negative emotions) are basically two states of mind. One way of categorizing these emotions is in terms of understanding that the positive emotions are those, which can be justified, and negative emotions are those, which cannot be justified. For instance there can be positive desire and negative desire. Desire for one’s basic needs to be met is a positive kind of desire. It is justifiable. It is based on the fact that we all exist and have the right to survive. And in order to survive there are certain things we require, certain needs that have to be met. So that kind of desire has valid foundation. Excessive desire and greed are negative desires. Those kinds of desires are not based on valid reasons and often create trouble and complicate one’s life. So we can say that positive emotions have a firm and valid foundation, and the negative emotions lack this valid foundation.

2. Wisdom Factor – Our positive state of mind can act as antidote to our negative tendencies and delusory state of mind. The cultivation of certain specific positive mental qualities such as Patience, Tolerance, kindness and so on can act as specific antidotes to negative states of mind such as anger, hatred and attachment. Applying antidotes such as love and compassion can significantly reduce the degree or influence of mental and emotional afflictions. In order to fully overcome all of these negative tendencies, one must apply the antidote to ignorance – ‘Wisdom Factor’. The wisdom factor involves generating insight in to the true nature of reality.

3. Meditation – Mind of clear light – Essential nature of mind is pure. It is based on the belief that the underlying basic subtle consciousness is untainted by the negative emotions. This is achieved through Meditation.

Therefore by these three methods mental and emotional afflictions ultimately can be eliminated through deliberately cultivating antidotal forces like love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, and through various practices such as meditation.


We have a longing for joy, love, and beauty that no amount or quality of food, sex, friendship, or success can satisfy. We want something that nothing in this world can fulfill. Isn’t that at least a clue that this “Something” that we want exists. This unfulfilling longing, then, qualifies as deep, innate human desire, and that makes it a major clue that there is GOD, who operates our life. Some people believe that beauty and love are just biochemical responses, in the presence of great art and beauty we inescapably feel that there is real meaning in life, and lthere is the TRUTH and JUSTICE that will never let us down, Love means everything.



  1. A very good attempt by the author, saying that positive and negative attitudes affect us very well and thus we have to diminish our anger,desires and many other ill traits which come in our progress.


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