SOUL – Human body has five senses, (vision, hearing, smelling, taste and touch). Consider one of the senses say vision, for vision you need,                 1. Instrument, the eyes.  2. Organ, the nerve center in the brain.  3. Mind, if the mind is not joined to the organ, the organ may take the impression and yet we may not be conscious of it.  4. Intellect, the intellect is the determinative faculty and decides upon what is brought to it.  5. Soul, the king on the throne, from him comes the order as to what to do or what not to do; and the order goes down in the same sequence, Soul to the intellect, to the mind, to the organs, and the organs convey it to instrument and perception is complete.

Therefore the human being is composed first of this external covering, the  body, secondly, of the fine body, consisting of mind, intellect, and ego. Behind them is the real soul of man. When the soul reflects its powers on the mind and the mind thinks, and then time appears. How can the soul, therefore be said to be existing in time, when time itself exists in soul. It has neither birth nor death.

 The SOUL is not bound by the conditions of the matter. In its very essence it is free, unbounded, holy, pure and perfect.

Body – Aggregate of materials, we call the body is the cause of the manifestation of the force we call the SOUL/THOUGHT or whether it is thought that manifests the body. The religions of the world say that the force called Thought manifests the body and not reverse. It is more logical to say that the force, which takes up the matter and forms, the body is the same, which is manifested through the body.

 What is the force, which manifests itself through the body? Whatever the force be, that is something, which takes particles up as it were and creates forms out of them – Human Bodies.   Soul is that force which is now working through us.

The SOUL is of the same essence as of the GOD. The soul enlivens every living being. Its essence is eternal, all consciousness, all love, all light and sound, all peace and all bliss. Human beings can realize their Soul and realize God while in the human body. Within the SOUL is the source of wisdom from which all knowledge flows. A love far greater and fulfilling than any we can know in the outer world is waiting to embrace us with open arms within. At our center is the strength and power that can enable us to overcome any fear.

The highest aim of human life is to attain self-knowledge (first hand knowledge of the soul) and God realization. The SOUL resides in the human body and can be realized through the process of inversion or meditation. Meditation ultimately gives us spiritual consciousness. Spiritual consciousness means becoming aware of the SOUL and GOD within us. Most of us are aware of our body, of the thoughts passing through our mind, and of the world around us. This is called body or physical consciousness. But human beings are more than a body and mind.

We are actually SOUL, a conscious entity that inhibits the body.