The mind is an instrument of cognition, of knowing things, knowing the material world. The SOUL is a ray of GOD, that which you essentially are. The mind is  an instrument with which we know, we try to understand things. The Soul is immortal, the mind is mortal. The Mind is discursive (conversational), the SOUL is synergic (conditions such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects). The SOUL integrates everything but the Mind analyzes. We need the help of mind in doing our work on the physical plane. That is why we have brought ourselves the instrument of the mind. Out of GOD emanate many rays, every ray is a SOUL. That is what makes all of us one. The soul is universal. The mind is individual. The mind individualizes but the Soul unites.

Spirituality –

The term spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Actually spirituality begins where religion ends. Religion enforces an externalization of the mind in one’s search for God, whereas spirituality internalizes the search and directs the mind to the heart of man. God is inside us. Being within us, such a being is not always accessible, but readily reachable and all that spirituality requires of us to achieve the sense of oneness with God, is to focus the mind inwards and approach him with love.

The average human being of today gives a great deal of thought, and applies a great amount of energy, to attain high levels of material welfare. But not withstanding even success in this endeavor, there is yet much happiness, discontent and misery pervading the lives of the people. Why is this? It is the result of unbalanced application of effort. The human existence consists of two planes of existence, the material and spiritual, and both these are important and essential for the harmonious well being of the individual. As a bird needs two wings of existence, the spiritual and the material. If either is neglected for the other, such a life becomes unnatural. Neglect of the material existence results in poverty and in sickness, and the neglect of the spiritual, which is the case with most of us, results in horrors of man-made diseases and sufferings. To correct his sorry state of affairs, we have to bring back balance into our lives.