The differences between human beings and between all things in the whole creation are not in kind but only in degree. There is same SOUL in the saint and the sinner, in the happy and the miserable, in the beautiful and the ugly, in humans and animals. The differences are caused by the degree of expression. In some it is expressed more and in others less, but those differences have no effect on the SOUL. If one person’s dress shows more of his/her body than others, it does not make difference in their bodies, the difference is in their dress.

 Happiness is not in this heaven or in that heaven; it is in the SOUL. The highest heaven is in our SOUL, the greatest temple of worship is the human  Soul, greater than all heavens; for in no heaven, anywhere can we understand Reality as distinctly and clearly as in this life, in our own SOUL. Birth and Death, Life and Decay, Degeneration and Regeneration are all manifestations of Oneness. It is the universal idea working through all religions.

 The gigantic intellect lies coiled up in the protoplasmic cell; each one of us comes out of a protoplasmic cell and all the powers we posses are coiled up there. The energy is in the cell potentially no doubt, but still there. So the infinite power is in the SOUL of man. Its manifestation is only a question of being Conscious of it and is conscious of its powers. That power is the power of SELF-Realization and that is ABSOLUTE SOUL.

SOUL and its Position, Form and Attributes: –

Position: – The sentient functions are controlled and monitored through the nervous and hormonal systems from a particular point in the area of the brain housing the Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands. This region is known as the seat of the SOUL or THIRD EYE. The connection between the physical and non-physical is by the medium of thought energy. When viewed from front, this region appears to be between and slightly above the line of the eyebrows. – As the brain is the control center for all of the various processes of the body – metabolism, the nervous endocrine, immunology and lymphatic systems – it makes sense that the inner person (SOUL) be located somewhere in the brain.

Form: – All of the characters present in the SOUL are subtle or non-dimensional in nature – Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Decision making power, personality traits and so on. If they are all without size, then it is reasonable to conclude that the conscious energy from which they emerge is also size less and therefore eternal. Just as the sun is in one place and yet its light radiates throughout the solar system, the SOUL is in one place and its energy permeates the whole body. Something, which has no physical dimension, is called point. The SOUL therefore is an infinitesimal point of conscientious light.

Attributes: – Qualities of SOUL are Love, Patience, Tolerance, Understanding, Empathy, and so on. These are all in a latent state and do not translate very easily in to action. They need to be empowered. One of the most immediate benefits of the practice of Meditation is to improve the functioning of this inner ruler. My innate qualities are just waiting for a chance to manifest them. Like a light bulb without a current, they need to be connected to a source of power. This is what exactly meditation brings.

The innate qualities of Soul are the following:-

Patience – Peace, Purity, Love, and Power

Courage – Power and Truth

Discernment – Truth, Peace, Happiness and Balance

The inner faculties of SOUL: – (State of Consciousness)

Mind – Thoughts, Desires, Feelings or attachments, Anger, Greed, Vanity, sensation, emotions, experience, etc.

Intellect – Willpower, it discerns or discriminates and judges (decision making), reasoning power, the ability to remember, Associate and identify, ability to understand, recognize and know, etc.

Sub-consciousness or Un-consciousness – Personality traits, Habits, Tendencies, Memories, Values, Beliefs, Learning, Talents, Instincts, etc.