“One with compassion (positive emotions) is kind even when angry; One without compassion (negative emotions) will kill even as he smiles.”

The goal in dealing with our emotions is not to rid us entirely of our emotions or to transcend it, but to manage our experience of it and the way in which it translates in to action.

Positive emotions broaden our thought-action catalog, widening the array of thoughts and actions that come to mind, including joy, interest, contentment, and love. Some scientists believe that developing such positive thoughts, therefore offers an indisputable evolutionary advantage, in as much as it helps us to ideas and experiences.

Negative emotions like hatred, jealousy or obsession, at the moment they form,they make us deeply uncomfortable. Moreover the actions and words they inspire are usually intended to hurt others. These disturbing emotions tend to distort our perception of reality and to prevent us from seeing it as it really is.