Though evil and good are both conditioned manifestations of the Soul, yet evil is more external coating and good is the inner coating of the Real Man, the SELF. Unless the man cuts through the layer of evil, he cannot reach the layer of good, and unless he has passed through both layers, of good and of evil, he cannot reach the self. So the man of realization says, “All this talk in the world about its little religions is a chatter; Self Realization is the soul, the very essence of religions.”

Suppose we have realized this oneness of the universe, suppose we know that we are that one Infinite Being: and suppose we have realized that this Self is the only Existence, and that it is the same self which is manifested in all these various phenomenal forms – what becomes of us after that? The religious realization does the greatest good to the world. People are afraid that when they attain to it, when they realize that there is but ONE, the foundation of love will dry up, everything in life will go away, and all that they love will vanish for them, as it were in this life and in the life to come. People never stop to think that the greatest workers in the world have been those who bestowed the least thought on their own individualities. Such a man becomes a world mover. For him the little self is dead and GOD stands in its place; for him the whole world becomes transfigured. That which is painful and miserable will all vanish; struggles will all depart, instead of being a prison house, where everyday we struggle and fight and compete for a piece of bread, this universe will then be to us a playground.

This will be a great good to the world resulting from such realization. If all mankind today realizes only a bit of that great truth, the aspect of the whole world will be changed; in place of fighting and quarrelling there will be a reign of peace. With it will vanish all jealousy; all evil will vanish away for ever; Gods will then live upon this earth. This very earth will become heaven – and what evil there can be when Gods are playing with Gods, when gods are working with Gods and Gods are loving Gods. That is the great utility of Divine Realization.

No one can make a spiritual man of you. You have to teach yourself, your growth must come from inside. Therefore give up all ideas that you can make men spiritual. It is impossible. There is no other teacher for you than your own SOUL. Recognize this. This is called SELF REALIZATION.