Seeking Truth through Meditation and/or Prayers: –

There are some questions that most, if not all, of us have on our minds. Who am I? Where do I come from? When is there a God? Why did I come here? What is God and so on? CALLED 5 WS

The real answer to these questions cannot be spoken of in words. We are talking about spiritual knowledge or wisdom called Enlightenment. One cannot absorb the spiritual knowledge until he or she has adopted the basic rules of love and respect for others. Knowledge of one’s true self is knowledge of the Soul and this is what enlightenment is centered on. It involves a full life of inner searching as well as learning from relationships with others. All the religions give us some specific guidance in seeking the truth about the universe and ourselves.

Along with good old fashion reading and studying, Meditation and Prayer are two Keys. While prayer can be called talking to God, meditation can be called listening to God.

Meditation: –  Meditation is quieting or controlling of the mind (Thought process). As a simple exercise, close your eyes for one minute and try to think of only one thing – it does not matter what it is. You will notice that other thoughts come and go constantly, sometimes they seem random or unrelated. It is almost impossible to stop it. The mind is sometimes called the endless chatterbox. Meditation is the practice of picking a focus – something to look at, a thought to think about, a mental image, a sound in our mind or anything – and trying to think only about that one thing for a period of time. Meditation is not necessarily the stopping of thought, but the process of letting go and distancing from the outside world. Through persistence, the other thoughts that bombard the mind eventually become less frequent. What happens next is beyond description. The positive effects of meditating have been shown over and over again in scientific studies.

Blood pressure decreases and an enhanced state of relaxation occur. Many people report a renewed feeling of positive energy and/or creativity after meditating. When we practice concentrating in meditation, it carries over to our regular life, making it easier to stay focused on our work and daily tasks. Some doctors now even prescribe daily meditation to relieve stress and prevent heart disease. It has been confirmed that deep meditation is a unique state of consciousness and the brain emits unique brain waves during meditation. One of the great things about meditation is that while it is essentially a spiritual practice, it requires no faith, no belief in God, and anyone from any religion can practice it without feeling that they are sinning. Whether the goal is to seek spiritual knowledge, or just to learn how to relax, meditation is a valuable tool for everyone.

Prayer: – Prayer is counterpart to meditation. While meditation is passive, a way of observing, listening, or focusing, prayer is more active. It is literally talking to God. Prayers can take many forms. It can be communal activity as on holy days or private type of prayer, which can be done anywhere at any time. Prayer can involve much more than asking. You can talk to God about anything. Talk about your feelings, what is important to you, or why you are sad or happy. But remember that it is not the old man up in the sky that we are praying to, but we are praying to our SOUL for others SOULS. For maximum effectiveness, direct your focus inwards, to the center of you’re Being; knowing that this is where you have a direct connection to God. Prayer is one aspect of religion, which is universal. The important thing is what prayer means to you. If you start with what it means to you, the emotion will naturally follow.