All the following qualities – intellect, knowledge, the absence of ignorant attachment, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of the senses, serenity, happiness and suffering, birth and death, fear and absence of fear, non-violence, inward poise and contentment, austerity, making gifts, good name or evil reputation among men, these conditions exist in all creatures and GOD is the cause of each one of them. The creator of all beings is also the cause of all the good and evil, which we see in these beings. There is no doubt at all that he who believes in GOD from the depth of his heart and obeys the Lord who dwells in him attains to a state of serenity which is never perturbed.

Neither Christians nor Muslims nor Jews nor Hindus have risen above the worship of the personal GOD. Even a person who aspires to cultivate devotion exclusively for the Unmanifest worships some visible symbol. We can of course understand with our intellect the idea that the body is unconnected with the SOUL, but has anyone ever been able to say what his state after death will be. The spiritualists and the theosophists are not correct, in my view, about what they say concerning spirits, in the sense that no one has been able to know and tell the whole truth.

GOD is described as having two aspects. Under one aspect we should know him as NATURE and under the other as SOUL as the cause of the experi- ence of happiness and misery.

Anyone who has become free from the egotistic idea of being the author of anything, and who recognizes every moment of his life the authority of the GOD will never commit sin. It is in egotism that sin has its source. There is no sin where there is no consciousness of the “I”.