The closer we are to the center of circle, the closer we are to the common ground in which all the radii meet; and the farther we are from the center, the more divergent is our radial line from others.

The external world is only one part of the whole of phenomena. There are other parts: the mental, the moral and the intellectual – the various planes of existence – and to take only one part and find a solution of the whole is simply impossible. Therefore we have to find a center where all the planes of existence start. Now where is that center? It is within us. The ancient sages penetrated deeper and deeper until they found that in the inner most core of the Human Soul is the center of the whole universe.

Matter is only an infinitesimal part of the phenomenal universe. Actually in every moment of our day-to-day life, great part is played by Thought and Feeling than the Material phenomena outside. Materialistic people think that the whole phenomena are only in touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell, but in fact it is deep inside you in your thoughts and feelings.

Those who are evildoers, whose minds are not peaceful, can never see the light. It is to those who are true in heart, pure in deed, whose senses are controlled, that self manifests itself. This is self-realization. If the power to satisfy our desires increases in arithmetical progression, our desires increase in geometrical progression.

This world is nothing but a shadow of reality. We must go to reality. Renun- ciation will take us there. Renunciation is the very basis of our true life. Every moment of goodness and real life that we enjoy is when we do not think of ourselves. This little separate must die. Then we shall find that we are in the Real, and that Reality is GOD, and he is our own true nature, and he is always in us and with us. Let us live in him and stand in him; it is the only joyful state of existence. Life on the plane of the spirit is the only life. Let us all try to attain to this realization.

Wherever there are business and business principles in religion, spirituality dies. Religion does not consist in erecting temples or building churches or attending public worship. It is not to be found in books or in words or in lectures or in organizations, Religion consists in realization. We all know as a fact that nothing will satisfy us until we realize the truth by ourselves. However we may argue, however much we may hear, but one thing will satisfy us, and that is our own realization, and such experience is possible for everyone of us, if we will only try. The first idea in this attempt to realize religion is that of renunciation. As far as we can, we should give up. Darkness and Light, enjoyment of the materialistic world and enjoyment of GOD, will never go together.

GOD exists or not: –
We have to analyze our own souls and find what is there. We have to understand it and realize what is understood. That is Religion. So the question of whether there is GOD or not can never be proved by argument; for the arguments are as much on one side as on the other. But if there is GOD, he is in our own hearts.

The turmoil and fight and difference in religions will cease only when we understand that religion is not in books and temples, it is in actual perception. Only the man who has actually perceived GOD and the SOUL is religious. We are all atheists, and yet we try to fight the man who admits being one. We are all in the dark; religion is to us mere intellectual assent, mere talk, and mere nothing. Religion begins only when actual realization begins in our souls.

Faith in Oneself: –

The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in himself. But it is not selfish faith; it is the doctrine of Oneness. It means faith in all because you are all. Love for you means love for all. – Love for animals, love for everything; for you are all. This is the great faith, which will make the world better. You know little of that which is within you, for behind you is the ocean of infinite power and blessedness.

Hear day and night that you are that Soul. Repeat it to yourself day and night till it enters in to your veins, till it tingles every drop of blood, till it is in your flesh and bone. Let the whole body be full of that one idea: “I am the birth-less, the death-less, the blissful, the omniscient, the omnipotent, ever glorious SOUL. Then all your actions will be glorified, transformed, deified, by the very power of this thought. If matter is powerful, thought is omnipotent.