Let us stop to think about it, but when you do, could anything be wrapped in more mystery than this world’s civilization?

How to explain the astonishing paradox. A world of human minds that can send astronauts to the moon and back, produce the marvels of science and technology, transplant human hearts – yet cannot solve simple human problem of family life and group relationships, or peace between nations?

The developed nations have made awesome progress. They have produced a highly mechanized world providing every luxury, modern convenience and means of pleasure. Yet they are cursed with crime, violence, injustice, sickness and disease (CORONAVIRUS), broken homes and families. At the same time more than half the world is living in illiteracy, hopeless poverty, filth and unpleasantness. Violence and destruction are rapidly multiplying. Many ask, why? If GOD exists, does he allow so much violence and human suffering?

Humanity was created on earth for a glorious and wonderful purpose. GOD was reproducing himself. Stated another way, GOD’s purpose was to create humanity to become supremely happy and joyful in peace and perfect comfort, to become productive, creative, and joyfully successful with eternal life. But to accomplish it, humanity must make its own decisions.

We hope you and your loved ones are well and staying healthy. Together, our global society has entered uncharted waters as we deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a pandemic of unprecedented magnitude in our lifetimes, requiring herculean responses. It is unfolding as one of the defining moments of our generation. HUMANITY NEEDS AND DEMANDS YOUR HELP.