Cliché not to interfere with other people’s business or preferences. I don’t care what they do! Live and let live, I always say. Your parents are strict. Mine just live and let live.

Believing that other people should be allowed to live their lives in the way that they want to, They seem as a society to have a very live and let live attitude towards issues like gay rights.

To accept other people as they are, although they may have a different way of life, I firmly believe in live and let live, and if people don’t rob, cheat or beat their wives, I have no complaints.

An idiom expressing the modern concept that one should let others live their lives as they see fit.

Live and let live is the spontaneous rise of non-aggressive co-operative behav-iour that developed during the First World War particularly during prolonged periods of Trench Warfare on the Western Front. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is the Christmas Truce of 1914. In the early months of immobile trench warfare, the truces were not unique to the Christmas period, and reflected a growing mood of “live and let live”, where infantry units in close proximity to each other would stop overtly aggressive behavior, and often engage in small-scale fraternization, engaging in conversation or bartering for cigarettes.

It is a process that can be characterised as the deliberate abstaining from the use of violence during war. Sometimes it can take the form of overt truces or pacts negotiated locally by soldiers. At other times it can be a tacit behaviour— sometimes characterised as “letting sleeping dogs lie”—whereby both sides refrain from firing or using their weapons, or deliberately discharge them in a ritualistic or routine way that signals their non-lethal intent.

Live and Let Live: – A form of the Golden Rule

When we live and let live, we don’t need to criticize, judge, or condemn others. We have no need to control them or try and make them conform to our way of thinking. We let others live their own lives and we live ours.

This simple slogan helps center us on our own recovery and on living our own life in the best way we know how. Live and let live is one of the keys to peace in our lives. When we practice tolerance in our lives we are liberated to work on our own issues. When we use this slogan we end many of the conflicts in our lives and gain the ability to stop new ones before they build into big ones.

Benefits with friends: –

Having good friends and a close family may prolong life, according to an analysis of 148 studies that focused on relationships. The studies assessed the strength of a person’s social ties by looking at factors including marital status, household size, participation in group activities, number of social contacts, and self-reported levels of support or isolation. Overall participants (average age 64) with strong social ties increased their odds of survival by 50%, over an average age 7 1⁄2 year period, compared with those who were more isolated. The authors found that healthy social relations are as good for you as quitting smoking and better for you than exercising or loosing weight. Of course doing all those health-promoting things while friends and families support you would be better still.