Bridges between different minds.

Bridges of Service and Charity.
Bridges on the path of Duty and Devotion.

Bridges between Poor and Wealthy.

We understand now we are but one.
If we look for differences there are but none.
Such disparity exist only in the mind,
For in every heart and soul breathes the Lord Divine.

Bridge Builders: –

We give but little when we give of our possessions, it is when we give ourselves that we truly give. I found that in giving of myself, I feel myself growing more and more. Towards which direction and to which destination, I know not, but it sure does, make me a happier person and makes me have a smile on my face when I go to bed at night.

Meditation: –

It is a method of raising self-awareness leading to self-realization. Meditation stills the mind and empowers the intellect to achieve insight and understanding of the spiritual laws and principles, which sustain harmony and can bring natural renewal at all levels of life on earth. Meditation will enhance your inner virtues & inner peace.

Self Realization: –

Self-awareness and self-realization are cultivated in order to realize one’s true spiritual identity and nature. In the meditative state, the self is experienced as conscious energy taking the form of a point of light. This spiritual energy, the Soul, is experienced as both different and separate from the energy of the Material body.

Consciousness: –

The role of the mind and the interplay between, the intellect and the personality is understood through a process of self-observation. The meditator learns to be quiet and control the mind, allowing the conscience to be clearly heard. Conscious awareness of the soul is then developed, allowing full understanding of the self.

Relationship with God: –

As meditation helps consciousness move beyond self-limiting beliefs, the presence of GOD is experienced in the state of YOGA (a system of body and mind control) – a mental link with the source of spiritual power.