ISLAM: – Islam makes all its followers EQUAL that is the peculiar excellence of Mohammedanism. In many places in Koran you find very sensual ideals of life. What Mohammedanism comes to preach to the world is this practical brotherhood of all belongings to their faith. That is the essential part of the Mohammedan religion, and all other ideas, about heaven and life and so forth, are not real Mohammedanism. They are accretions.

HINDUS: – There is one great idea: SPIRITUALITY. The spirit must be divine and spirit as such must not be identified with the physical world. The idea of unity, of the realization of GOD, the omniscient, the omnipotent, the Omnipresent, the omnibenevolent, and the Omni truth is preached throughout. All the heavens that ever existed are here in this world. Humans have to only realize it. Renunciation and Spirituality are the two great ideas of Hindus.

CHRISTIANS: – The central idea that has been preached by them is “Watch and Pray, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Which means- purify your mind and be ready. Christians have always tried to prepare them- selves for the coming of the Lord by trying to help others, building hospitals and so on.

Therefore all these religions are different forces in the economy of GOD, working for the good of mankind, and not one can be ignored. The ideal, which every religion represents, is never lost, and so every religion is intelli- gently on the march. The UNIVERSAL RELIGION about which philoso- phers and others have dreamt in every country already exists. As the universal brotherhood of people already exists, so also does the universal religion. Only there are number of persons who fail to see this and upset it by crying for new brotherhoods. The Universal religion too already exists.

If the priests and other people who have taken upon themselves the task of preaching different religions simply cease preaching for a few mo- ments, we shall see that Universal Religion is there. They are disturbing it all the time, because it is to their interest. Not only must they have the spiritual ideas, they also must come to you according your own method. They must speak your own language, the language of your soul, and then alone will they satisfy you. When the person comes who speaks my language and gives me the truth in my language, I at once understand it and receive it forever. This is a great fact.