We suffer so much because we have not yet realized our true identity. We have to transcend both the body and the mind, and then there is no suffering at all. It is the mind that creates the suffering. If only one transcends the mind there is no suffering at all. But to learn this lesson of transcendence, each one of us has to ultimately transcend our senses. To learn this we have to pass through many painful experiences. And without pain we cannot gain anything. This mind can convert this pain in to a joy, into a source of happiness.

For me personally, the suffering is a very special experience. It’s humbling to feel the strength of Mother Nature and battle the elements.

The root of suffering is the attachment: –
You have created a space in your mind that holds a person or object as part of you. When that person or object is criticized, neglected or not with you, you feel pain in your mind and you experience a sense of loss.

Why it is that bad things happen to good people, while so many who are evil, have the best of life?

Bad things happen to good people that they may grow better, nobler, and purer. Even as gold is burnt in the crucible to be cleansed of its dross, even so the good people are burnt in to fire of suffering, and so become pure as thrice burnished gold.

Wealth and pleasures and power and honor are not as good as they seem to be. In many cases, they degrade man and make him corrupt. Whatever be the condition in which you find yourself, whatever be the suffering through which you pass, keep on thanking the Lord all the time. When you do so, your heart expands and you become receptive to the helpful and healing forces of GOD.