What is Real Sense of Life?

Life is but a stage,
And we all have part to play.

Life is but a journey,
And we go through ups and downs together.

Life is but a dream,
And when we finally wake up, it might be over.

Life is but a game,
And yet we take it so seriously.

Life is but a comedy,
And yet we cry with all our mighty.

Life is but a love song,
And yet we close our ears to its lyrics.

Life is but a paradise
And yet we choose not to see its beauty.

Life is Love,
Life is beauty,
Life is opportunity,
But only to those who choose to see it that way.


Why does one feel fear? How do we overcome it?

Fear is felt when anticipated. Anticipation is again an instrument we handle ourselves.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Values and Education: –

Values are inherited through tradition, upbringing and personal development. All these factors, along with the education we receive from institutions, are what we symbolize a person’s character.

Shadows of Life: –

We run after money, fame and joy, to attain happiness, to be at peace with ourselves. Yet when we attain them, the satisfaction is temporary. And there is no peace.