The whole mass of existence, which we call Nature, has been acting on the human mind from time immemorial. It has been acting on the thought of humans, and as its reaction has come the question: “ What are these? What is its source?”

The mountain comes from sand and goes back to sand; the river comes out of vapor and goes back to vapor; plant life comes from the seed and goes back to the seed; human life comes out of the human germ and goes back to the germ. The universe with its stars and planets has come out of the nebulous (unclear) state and must go back to it. And what do we learn from this? That the man- ifested or grosser state is the Effect, and the finer state, the Cause.

When humans die their body goes back to the elements, which gave them their body; if the earth dies it will go back to its cause. Therefore we learn that the effect is the same as the cause, not different. It is only in another form. Therefore Effect is reproduction of the Cause in a grosser form.

This universe must be resolved in to its causes, the sun, moon, stars and earth, the body and mind and everything in this universe, must return in to their finer causes, disappear, be destroyed as were. But they will live in causes in finer forms. Out of these finer forms they will emerge again as new earths, suns, moons, and stars. This is called Life Cycle.

Involution and Evolution:

Every involution is preceded by an evolution and vice versa. The seed is the father of the tree, but another tree was itself the father of the seed. Like chicken and egg, egg comes out of chicken and chicken lays eggs. Same way the little cell that afterwards becomes the human is simply the human involved and be- comes evolved as a man. Involution and evolution are going on throughout whole of nature.

The self of man (SOUL), being beyond the law of causation, is not a com- pound. It is ever free and is the ruler of everything that is within law. It will never die, because death means going back to the component parts, and that, which was never a compound, can never die. If anything is beyond death, naturally it must also be beyond life. The soul of man is part of the cosmic energy, which is GOD. There is only one being (GOD), one existence – the ever Blessed, the omniscient, the omnipotent, the omnipresent, the omnibenevolent, the birth-less, the death-less, and the Omni truth.