Senses: –
Most of what we know about our surroundings is a result of the working of man’s five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. In fact almost every- thing we think we know about our world and the universe has come to us through one or more of these sense organs. We feel quite content in our belief that we can rely on these sense organs to give us a completely factual, dependable, and highly accurate picture of the universe in which we are each immersed. But this is a false belief.

Consider the sense of sight. Our eyes can see only the fraction of what is going on all around us. They can detect only matter, which reflects light in the very narrow band of wavelengths we call the visible spectrum. Laboratory research has shown that there is much going on all around us in wavelengths that our limited sense organs cannot detect.

Everything in our world, this universe and the cosmos, results from ENERGY, and ENERGY manifests as vibration at some specific frequency. All of the scientific knowledge like Supersensible Sight and Supersensible Hearing teaches us that we know very little about important aspects of our Body, Mind and Spirit (Soul). Our ignorance of what we know about the “solid”, everyday “material” world can be described in one word “Colossal”. The normally invisible sights and unheard sounds have a most important bearing on the question of Life after Death.

How much does a Soul weigh: –

Since we would like to identify that portion of the individual person, which survives death of the physical body, it would seem we could narrow our search.page171image4572864

Obviously the water portion will evaporate during the days, weeks and months after death. Yet there is a solid proof that the essence – that is the mind, personality and soul – depart the physical body within a period of minutes to a maximum of three days. Moreover there seems to be a possibility that the surviving mind, personality and soul may be “contained” in a very small and per- haps almost weightless “package’, because by scientific research it has been found that the instantaneous weight loss at death varied between 1⁄2 and 3⁄4 ounce.

Your Brain is not your mind: –

Certainly one of the greatest blocks modern man has in understanding life after death seems from having been told that brain and mind are synonymous. However, a different picture emerges for those serious researchers in to the nature of man who can look beyond conventional notions. For such scientists it has become increasingly obvious that the brain and mind is not the same thing. Neither the psychologists could identify the site of brain, for conscious, subconscious, or super-conscious states of mind. Yet concepts attributing the three levels or aspects to the human mind existed hundreds of years before psychiatry and psychology came in to existence. For example, both the native peoples have the Pacific and American plains Indians recognized three levels of mind, and represented them in their tribal Totem Poles. Only in the last few years it has been discovered that most of the many millions of cells in the physical body have what the scientist call “communication capability”. This means that cells can receive and send messages. We are also learning that cells go beyond this function and it is almost as though each cell has a mind of its own. Now we can begin to understand that not only is “the brain not the mind’ but that the mind function extends throughout the entire body.

We know that the brain controls all aspects of the body, which it serves. We can say that the body, the “bio-electrical mechanism’, is controlled by its computer, the brain. We can go further and say that the brain is infinitely more sophisticated than the most advanced computer yet built by man. But we also must say that the brain, like even the most fancy computer, is totally useless unless there is a programmer – some intelligence separate and distinct from the computer itself. It is only in the last three decades – that science has given us a valuable tool which enables us to understand that the Mind is the programmer, how it can penetrate the ‘empty space’ in our wet, squishy physical body, and how it can control every single action of the more than 60 trillionpage172image4496896cells which make up the physical body. What is this magic and mysterious tool called Mind?