If I have been searching for a LOVE that never lets me down, a TRUTH that is unshakeable, and a BEAUTY that goes beyond the superficial, I have indeed been searching for GOD. – Perhaps without even knowing it.

If a survey were to be done among believers throughout the world as to the identity and attributes of GOD, answers will be following:

The Creative Principle
All loving, all knowing
Absolute Truth
Supreme parent (Mother / Father)
Some form of superior non-physical energy. GOD is one, morally perfect and absolute just GOD is the supreme benefactor

Finally GOD is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent, and Omni truth.

On the basis of our similarities of form and abode, I learn from God of my own original attributes of Peace, Purity, Love, Truth, Power, Happiness, and Balance.

GOD as the Mother and Father and other relationships

In the perfect personality of the supreme there is the feminine principle of loving, giving and accepting. This is perfectly balanced with the masculine principle of power, authority and strength.

Because GOD is the SOUL: – neither old nor young, nor male nor female, has the most perfect personality, there are so many different ways we can entertain ourselves in this highest and purest form of the relationships.

God as Teacher – Discovery of wisdom and truth
God as supreme guide – Directions for each step on the spiritual path. God as friend – Conversation, support at any moment
God as Beloved – Sharing of intimacies, long-term support
God as Manager – Readiness to execute instructions
God as Child – Giving of all I have
God as Healer – Correct diagnosis and cure of weakness
God as Broker – Wise investment for my future.

Lord wherever I am, You are with me” – It does not mean literally that the Supreme Being permeates everything; it’s just a feeling, and not a fact.

God’s power is purely spiritual. Birth and death, accidents and natural calami- ties are part of the interplay between human souls themselves and with matter directly. They are nothing to do with God