All that we are is the result of what we have thought, it is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts.

Thoughts are ink in the pen with which we are writing our destiny.

As you think so you become. By changing one’s thought pattern, one can change one’s life.

Thoughts are things, thoughts are forces, and thoughts are the building blocks of life.

Destiny is not matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.

A thought if it is constantly held in mind, will drive us to action, if it is a thought of service, it will lead us to an act of service, if it is a thought of impurity, it will lead us to an act of impurity.

Thoughts take more time and space in our lives than actions.

Thought creates an action: –

An action, which is repeated, creates a habit and a habit is a terrible thing. The sum total of our habits makes our character. It is character that determines our destiny. If we wish to change our destiny, we must begin to change our thoughts. We must change our pattern of thinking. Our minds need to be cleansed of thoughts of lust, hatred and greed, passion and pride, selfishness and miserliness, greed and arrogance, envy and jealousy, resentment and ill will. There are those who nurture thoughts of hatred, envy and jealousy in their hearts how can they ever be happy?

Hatred and happiness can never dwell together, even as darkness and light can never live together.

Thought Control: –

So many of our ills would be cured, if only we could change the pattern of our mind. Change the mind and you change the world. The modern world has gone astray, because it lays undue emphasis on the “work” side of life. Work has its place in life, but more important than “work” is “Thought”. Take care of your thoughts, because every thought is a force, which we generate for our good, or evil.

No it is not our fault if evil thoughts come to us and tear in to bits the fabric of good life, which we may have gradually built. But it is our fault if we welcome evil thoughts and let them germinate in the soil of our minds. Out of them will grow trees of bitter fruits, which we shall be compelled to swallow. If we have good thoughts – thoughts of love and compassion, beauty and joy, faith and freedom, of peace and wisdom – we invite to ourselves good forces, forces of light and in that measure, we create heaven around ourselves.

Positive and Negative Thinking: –

It is not that the man with a positive attitude refuses to recognize the negative side of life. Life has a negative side, a dark side also. The pathways of life are strewn with difficulties. But the man with the positive attitude refuses to dwell on the negative side of life. He looks for the best results from the worst conditions. Surrounded by the trials and tribulations, he looks for some place to stand on. Conditions may be adverse, yet he continues to expect good things. It is an inviolable law of life, that when you expect good, good will comes to you. There are people who always think negative. Speak to them of something and they will tell you “It can not be done! It is impossible! There are people who always think of diseases and death. Those are the ones who, through the magnet power of their own thoughts, draw disease to themselves. They are their own enemies.

Vibrations: –

Each one of us is vibrating to a particular frequency like a tuning fork. Tuning fork vibrates to 118, 186, 212 frequency and so on. Each one us vibrate to a particular frequency. The frequency at which one is vibrating is different from the other. When both people’s frequencies are in harmony with each other, they like each other. But if they are in disharmony, then for no apparent reason they do not like each other. The spirit is vibratory. In the measure in which I invite spirit in to my life, in that measure I will be more and more vibratory. Every vibration contains certain power. There are vibrations that are very pow- erful, while others are less powerful. Each one of us is the generator of vibra- tions. There are people of such powerful vibrations that they can move out and heal other people or help other people. A blessing is a vibration that moves out of the holy ones to us.

Will Power: –

Willpower should be understood to be the strength of mind, which makes it capable of meeting success or failure with equanimity. Strong will power must be developed and this comes through practice and through control over one’s thoughts. Our minds must be filled with the thought of GOD if we are to grow in will power; otherwise it is very easy to slip. Prayers can increase will power by resolving to give up something which one relishes, and you can strengthen your will power through studies of biographies and sayings of men, women of will power.