Scientists have known for years that brain activity can be measured in wave patterns. Broadly speaking, the brain generates four kinds of patterns:

1. Delta waves – Seen most often in sleep.

2. Theta waves – When you are daydreaming or catnapping.

3. Alpha waves – often observed when you are aware but relaxed, likeduring a massage or a long run.

4. Beta waves – These are the key one for cognitive processing.

By measuring these waves, the body wave device can determine when your concentration has peaked and therefore when you are primed to make an im- portant decision.

So how exactly does the Body Wave device works?

The Technology is based on electro-encephalography (EEG), the study of how brain activity – from automatic impulses like breathing to active thoughts like what to have for dinner – excites neurons to emit brain waves. This electrical activity originates in the brain but is transported along the central nervous system. You can wear the body wave device on your arm or actually anywhere on the skin, which is highly sensitive to changes in the central nervous system. The sensors register the electrical charges that occur in your brain when you concentrate hard. The act of concentration necessitates the firing of neurons in careful synchrony. That synchrony produces a unique electrical signature that can be measured. When you stop concentrating the synchrony breaks and the signature changes. The Body Wave device then transmits this change through a simple receiver plugged in to a USB port. A computer can tell you, in real time, whether you have been focused or were pondering what to do this weekend.