Detachment is best learnt from God, who sees everything but never stops loving. It is best demonstrated by the Lotus flower, which touches mud, touches rock bottom but never loses its beauty. Beauty means to keep growing – always.

How to Develop Detachment?

“We need to reach a state in which, while we are living in this world, we are detached from it. We need to realize that all the possessions of this world are transitory. They are an illusion.”

“If we can get to a state where we can control our desires, then we will find that our life will move in harmony with its environment, our mind will be at peace, and we will be able to make tremendous strides towards the ultimate aim of our life, which is to know our real self and to be one with God.”

“Being content does not mean inaction. We must still do our work in the world. We must still try to earn an honest livelihood. We must still do our best in whatever field we are placed. We must still do our best to provide for our families. The difference is that we do so with a spirit of detachment. We do our work but are not attached to the results.”

“Let us not think that this is the real world. Let us recognize that this is the world of Maya, the world of illusion. But even though we are in this world of illusion, this is a grand opportunity that God has given for us to recognize our- selves. Let us know that each one of us has been created by the hand of God, has been created by God. That realization we will only have as we go within and experience the divine Light and Sound of God.”