The other great idea that the world wants today is that eternal, grand idea of the spiritual oneness of the whole universe, the only Infinite Reality, that exists in you and in me and in all, in the self, in the soul. The infinite oneness of the Soul – that you and I are not only brothers, but are really one – is the eternal sanction of all morality.

One should lead mankind to the place where there is neither the Vedas nor the Bible nor the Koran; yet this has to be done by harmonizing the Vedas, the Bible, and the Koran. Mankind ought to be taught that religions are but the varied expressions of the Religion, which is Oneness, so that each may choose the path that suits him best.

In whom is the Universe, Who is the Universe; in whom is the Soul, Who is in the Soul, Who is the Soul of man; to know Him, and therefore the Universe, as our Self, alone extinguishes all fear, brings an end to misery, and leads to infinite freedom. Wherever there has been expansion of love or progress in well-being of individuals or numbers, it has been through the perception, realization, and the practicalization of the Eternal Truth – the Oneness of All Beings.

Without the foundation of the non-dualistic Absolute, dualism breeds fanaticism, exclusiveness, and dangerous emotionalism.


Suppose we all go with vessels in our hands to fetch water from a lake. One has a cup, another a jar, another a bucket, and so forth, and we all fill our vessels. The water in each case naturally takes the form of the vessel carried by each of us. So it is with religion. Our minds are like those vessels. God is like the water filling the different vessels. And in each vessel the vision of God comes in the form of the vessel. Yet He is ONE; He is God in every case.

The Entire Universe is One Narrow Bridge, which we are all learning to cross without fear.

Life is the light of GOD, the expression of Divinity. It is divine. It is the stream of eternal Being, a flow of existence, of intelligence, of creativity, of purity, and of bliss. Life is unity. Life is unity in GOD consciousness.

Ecumenism: –

This is an outreach of love to all fellow Christians, as affirming all that we have so mercifully received from the Lord and share in common, and as trying to be ONE as much as we can in response to Christ’s prayer, and above all as trying to stand together before the Lord in complete openness so he can lead us all into oneness in the possession of the ONE FAITH. In fact very devoted Christians, oftentimes very kind, and, are very pleasing to the Lord. Yet they certainly have a perception of things that is very different from others. For them it is impossible to please the Lord outside of the True Faith. Therefore most who are called “Christians” are not in fact Christians; their Sacraments are not true Sacraments, they have no grace, they cannot be saved or in any way please God.

Before ecumenism can make any real progress, there has to grow a wide-spread good will and desire for unity at the cost of the sacrifice of sepa- rate identity.

The ecumenical path is surely, by human vision, a long, difficult one, stretching far into the future. But with GOD, all things are possible. And the most important thing is prayer, with fasting and humbling ourselves before GOD. GOD will only hear prayer from a sincere heart, one that really shares the concern of Christ’s heart for all his flock. Without this concern our prayer for union is only words.

Yes, we all have our different perspectives, even those of us who have faith in Christ, the Son of God, love him, and are dedicated to being his followers and disciples. He sure leads a mottled flock. I wonder if we do not put awful human limitations on our loving and all-powerful God’s universal and soothing will. Christ did die for all!

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