Seeking Truth through Meditation and/or Prayers: –

There are some questions that most, if not all, of us have on our minds. Who am I? Where do I come from? When is there a God? Why did I come here? What is God and so on? CALLED 5 WS

The real answer to these questions cannot be spoken of in words. We are talking about spiritual knowledge or wisdom called Enlightenment. One cannot absorb the spiritual knowledge until he or she has adopted the basic rules of love and respect for others. Knowledge of one’s true self is knowledge of the Soul and this is what enlightenment is centered on. It involves a full life of inner searching as well as learning from relationships with others. All the religions give us some specific guidance in seeking the truth about the universe and ourselves.

Along with good old fashion reading and studying, Meditation and Prayer are two Keys. While prayer can be called talking to God, meditation can be called listening to God.

Meditation: –  Meditation is quieting or controlling of the mind (Thought process). As a simple exercise, close your eyes for one minute and try to think of only one thing – it does not matter what it is. You will notice that other thoughts come and go constantly, sometimes they seem random or unrelated. It is almost impossible to stop it. The mind is sometimes called the endless chatterbox. Meditation is the practice of picking a focus – something to look at, a thought to think about, a mental image, a sound in our mind or anything – and trying to think only about that one thing for a period of time. Meditation is not necessarily the stopping of thought, but the process of letting go and distancing from the outside world. Through persistence, the other thoughts that bombard the mind eventually become less frequent. What happens next is beyond description. The positive effects of meditating have been shown over and over again in scientific studies.

Blood pressure decreases and an enhanced state of relaxation occur. Many people report a renewed feeling of positive energy and/or creativity after meditating. When we practice concentrating in meditation, it carries over to our regular life, making it easier to stay focused on our work and daily tasks. Some doctors now even prescribe daily meditation to relieve stress and prevent heart disease. It has been confirmed that deep meditation is a unique state of consciousness and the brain emits unique brain waves during meditation. One of the great things about meditation is that while it is essentially a spiritual practice, it requires no faith, no belief in God, and anyone from any religion can practice it without feeling that they are sinning. Whether the goal is to seek spiritual knowledge, or just to learn how to relax, meditation is a valuable tool for everyone.

Prayer: – Prayer is counterpart to meditation. While meditation is passive, a way of observing, listening, or focusing, prayer is more active. It is literally talking to God. Prayers can take many forms. It can be communal activity as on holy days or private type of prayer, which can be done anywhere at any time. Prayer can involve much more than asking. You can talk to God about anything. Talk about your feelings, what is important to you, or why you are sad or happy. But remember that it is not the old man up in the sky that we are praying to, but we are praying to our SOUL for others SOULS. For maximum effectiveness, direct your focus inwards, to the center of you’re Being; knowing that this is where you have a direct connection to God. Prayer is one aspect of religion, which is universal. The important thing is what prayer means to you. If you start with what it means to you, the emotion will naturally follow.



We find that all GODS are understood as different aspects, personalities, or facets of ONE GOD, which pervades the entire universe.

“God hath made of one blood all nations that dwell upon the face of the earth”. The Bible, Acts 17:26

“All creatures are members of one family of God”. Mohammed (Islam)

“Human Beings, all, are as head, arms, trunk, and legs like one another.” The Vedas (Hinduism)

“One thing we know, all men are brothers.”
Chief Seattle (Native American)

“All people are your children, whatever their belief, whatever their shade of skin.” Jewish prayer book

Reading the Bible gives the impression that GOD is much more of a spiri- tual force or energy that exists everywhere, than a man sitting on a throne above the clouds.

The word GOD refers to something that we cannot describe with words, and trying to assign a gender to GOD is putting a limit on something that has no limits. If all the religions are in fact describing, and praying to, the same GOD, then it changes our perspective on the role religion plays in our lives. It makes us easier to believe that this GOD does indeed exist. In fact it challenges us to consider that the chances are quite low that the religions, in all their variety, would describe GOD so similarly just by coincidence, and this forces even the skeptic to ponder the existence of GOD.



Wherever our senses reach or whatever our minds imagine, we find there in the action and reaction of two forces, the one counteracting the other and thus causing the constant playoff the mixed phenomena which we see around us or which we feel in our minds. Religion is the highest plane of human thought and life, and herein we find that the working of these two forces has been most marked. The intense love that humanity has ever known has come from religion, and the most diabolical hatred that humanity has known has also come from religion. No other human motive has deluged the world with so much blood as religion; at the same time, nothing has brought in to existence so many hospitals and asylums for the poor’ no other human influence has taken such care of humanity than religion. Nothing makes us so cruel as religion, and nothing makes us so tender as religion.

Yet out of the midst of this noise and turmoil, this strife and struggle, this hatred and jealousy of religions and sects, there have arisen, from time to time, potent voices drowning all this noise – making themselves heard from pole to pole, as it were – proclaiming peace and harmony. If it is difficult to bring harmony and peace on the physical plane of life – the external and gross side of it – then it must be a thousand times more difficult to bring harmony and peace to rule over this internal nature of human beings.

We all have been hearing from the childhood of such things as love, peace, charity, equality and universal brotherhood; but these have become to us mere words without meaning, words that we repeat like parrots. Some ignorant people took those words to play with them and they made religion a mere play with words and not a thing to be carried in practice. It has become part of patriotism to profess a certain religion; and patriotism is always partial. To bring harmony to religion is always very difficult.

We see that every religion there is in three parts. First there is philosophy – which presents the whole scope of that religion, setting forth its basic principles, its goals, and the means of reaching that goal. The second part is the mythology – which is philosophy made concrete. It consists of legends relating to the lives of people or of supernatural beings. Basically these are stories of supernatural beings made around the philosophy. The third part is Ritual – This is still more concrete and is made up of forms and ceremonies, various physical attitudes, flowers and incense and many other things that appeal to the senses.

We will find that all recognized religions have these three elements. Some lay more stress on one and some on another. Each religion brings out its own doctrine and insists upon them as being the only true ones. Fanatics will even draw sword to compel others to believe as they do. Nobody in the world is able to make out the fine distinction between history and mythology, as it exists in the brain of some people. We are all human beings, but we are not equal in our brains, in our powers and in our bodies. Therefore the universal mythology is impossible. Neither can there be one universal ritual. Variety is the first principle of life. Just as we have recognized unity as our very nature, so must also recognize variation.

Through the high philosophy or low, through the most exalted mythology or the grossest, through the most refined ritualism or complete fetishism, every seed, every soul, every nation, every religion, consciously or unconsciously is struggling upward towards GOD. Each one of us is trying to arrive at the realization of GOD. He is GOD in every case. This is the only recognition of universality that we can get. That plan alone is practical which does not destroy the individuality of any main religion and at the same time shows him a point of union with all others. But so far all the plans of religious harmony that have been tried, while proposing to take in all the various views of religion, have in practice tried to bind them all down to few doctrines, and so have produced more new sects, fighting, struggling and pushing against each other. We all human beings should join together in our minds for the Realization of ONE GOD and call it UNIVERSAL RELIGION.



There is but one Life, one World, one Existence, everything is that ONE. The differences are of degree and not of kind. All of us are going towards the same goal. The difference between weakness and strength is one of degree. The difference between virtue and vice is one of a degree. The difference between heaven and hell is one of a degree. The difference between life and death is one of a degree. All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because ONENESS is the secret of everything. All is the one, and the one manifest itself either as thought or life or soul or body. This being so, we have no right to look down with contempt upon those who are not developed exactly in the same degree as we are. Condemn none.

There is only one life, one world, and this one life and one world, appears to us to be manifold. This manifoldness is like a dream. When you dream, one dream passes away and another comes. None of your dreams are real. Dream comes one after another, scene after scene unfolds before you. So it is in this world of ninety percent misery and ten percent happiness. Perhaps after a while it will appear ninety percent happiness, and we shall call it heaven. But time comes to the humans, when the whole thing vanishes and this world appears as GOD himself, and his own sole as that God. Everything that makes for ONENESS is truth. Love is truth and hatred is false- hood, because hatred makes for multiplicity. It is hatred that separates man from man; therefore it is wrong and false. Love unites and love makes for ONENESS. For love is Existence, God Himself, and all this is the manifestation of that one love.

Scriptures is not the proof of your conduct, but you are the proof of scriptures. How do you know that book teaches the truth? Because you are truth and you feel it. What is the proof of the Christ and Buddha of the world? That you and I feel like them. That is how you and I understand that they were true. Our prophet soul is the proof of their prophet soul. Your Godhead is the proof of God Himself. If you are not a prophet there has never been anything true of God. If you are not God there never was any God and never will be.

The living God is within you, and yet you are building churches and temples and believing all sorts of imaginary non-sense. The only God to worship is the human soul in the human body. Of course, all animals are temples too, but the man is the highest, the greatest of all temples. If one cannot worship in that, no other temple will be of other advantage. The moment one has realized that God is sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment one stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him, that moment one is free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes and he/she is free. He whom you are worshiping as unknown and are seeking throughout the universe has been with you all the time. You are living through him and He is the eternal witness of the universe. When one really begin to love the world, then one understands what is meant by the brotherhood of mankind and not before.

If you cannot worship your brother man, the manifested God, how can you worship a God who is un-manifested? Even Bible says, “If you can not love your brother whom you have seen, how can you love God whom you have not seen?” If you cannot see God in the human face, how can you see him in the clouds or in images made of dull, dead matter or in the mere fictions of your brain?

Let us therefore, find God not only in Jesus of Nazareth, but also in all great ones who preceded him, in all who have come after him, and in all who are yet to come. Our worship is unbound and free. They are all the manifestations of the same Infinite GOD. They are all pure and unselfish; they suffer and give up their lives for us poor human beings.



Though evil and good are both conditioned manifestations of the Soul, yet evil is more external coating and good is the inner coating of the Real Man, the SELF. Unless the man cuts through the layer of evil, he cannot reach the layer of good, and unless he has passed through both layers, of good and of evil, he cannot reach the self. So the man of realization says, “All this talk in the world about its little religions is a chatter; Self Realization is the soul, the very essence of religions.”

Suppose we have realized this oneness of the universe, suppose we know that we are that one Infinite Being: and suppose we have realized that this Self is the only Existence, and that it is the same self which is manifested in all these various phenomenal forms – what becomes of us after that? The religious realization does the greatest good to the world. People are afraid that when they attain to it, when they realize that there is but ONE, the foundation of love will dry up, everything in life will go away, and all that they love will vanish for them, as it were in this life and in the life to come. People never stop to think that the greatest workers in the world have been those who bestowed the least thought on their own individualities. Such a man becomes a world mover. For him the little self is dead and GOD stands in its place; for him the whole world becomes transfigured. That which is painful and miserable will all vanish; struggles will all depart, instead of being a prison house, where everyday we struggle and fight and compete for a piece of bread, this universe will then be to us a playground.

This will be a great good to the world resulting from such realization. If all mankind today realizes only a bit of that great truth, the aspect of the whole world will be changed; in place of fighting and quarrelling there will be a reign of peace. With it will vanish all jealousy; all evil will vanish away for ever; Gods will then live upon this earth. This very earth will become heaven – and what evil there can be when Gods are playing with Gods, when gods are working with Gods and Gods are loving Gods. That is the great utility of Divine Realization.

No one can make a spiritual man of you. You have to teach yourself, your growth must come from inside. Therefore give up all ideas that you can make men spiritual. It is impossible. There is no other teacher for you than your own SOUL. Recognize this. This is called SELF REALIZATION.