The food we eat not only has an effect upon our physical, emotional, and men- tal makeup, but on our spiritual consciousness.

Balance In Life: –

The indication of balance in life is a sense of well-being, optimism and a clear conscience. The foundation for achieving this is to look after one’s spiritually – making one’s mind peaceful, loving and thoughtful at all times. Then one will instinctively know how much time to spend on his/her own well-being and how much on fulfilling other responsibilities. One can only give its best to others when one itself is at his/her best.

Give Up the Habit of Worrying: –

As one grows in strength in his/her spiritual life, one gives up the habit of wor- rying. It serves no purpose other than to make him/her feel tense and miser- able. When one stops worrying about things that are beyond one’s control and focus instead on generating optimistic and kind thoughts, his/her life can begin to flow in ever more positive directions. Such a light and easy approach to life enables one to take everything in stride.

Self-Manage: –

There is a huge hole in the heart of all our educations. It is where the skills and abilities of self-management should be. No one teaches us how to manage our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior, so we find it hard to manage the Four Rs – Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities and Resources. So let’s get started. Consciously choose the quality of your thoughts today – em- phasize the positive, eliminate the negative and clean up the waste. Everything, which means everything in your life, begins with your thoughts.

Harmony: –

Love dissolves hate. Kindness melts cruelty. Compassion calms passion. Co- operation evokes love and when we bow, others bend. This creates harmony.

Relationships: –

Good feelings for others are like ointments that heal wounds and re-establish friendship and relationships. Good feelings are generated in the mind, are transmitted through your attitude and are reflected through your eyes and smile. Smiling opens the heart and a glance can make miracles happen.

Never Battle: –

Never fight. Nothing is worth fighting for. Wisdom never fights, it waits pa- tiently, speaks positively, releases easily, sees benefit in everything and envisions a future of abundance…knowing that all needs will be met at the right moment, in the right way. If you think life is a struggle you will always be struggling, if you think life is a breeze, your attitudes and actions will convey lightness and easiness. And that’s what attracts everything you need, and much more. Make today a breeze not a battle.

Observe and Reflect in Silence: –

Many times with the good intention of solving a problem you become part of the problem. In order to accept the problem it is more practical firstly to re- main silent and serene. It is not necessary to understand the causes but to find solutions. Observe and reflect in silence and then make a decision.


Making a Life: –

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

A Long And Healthy Life: –

There are three ingredients for a long and healthy life: 1. Live with attention but without worry,

  1. Use time in a worthwhile way,
  2. Keep your thoughts pure, positive and filled with strength.

Transform Obstacles: –

Is life an obstacle course? Sometimes it may feel like it. If you join the military you will be sent around an obstacle course of increasing degrees of difficulty. Why? To increase your strength and stamina and expand your creative capacity under strain. So it is on the course called ‘life’ – you can choose to perceive people, situations or events as obstacles, or you can choose to use these things to strengthen and expand your capacity to be creative and to find ways round, under, over. The choice lies in your perception. Obstacles are never ever ‘out there’; they are always in our own minds.

Work: –

Work without happiness is like a burden that you have to endure, but when you are internally happy it becomes a game, and you’re just having fun.

Pure Living: –

When we look around to examine the state of our environment, which is what we leave behind after developing and exploiting the resources of the planet, many are quick to see pollution and waste. We are not slow in pointing out the damage and the impurities, which will be our legacy for the future generations. We are not so quick to spot the impurities, which we have al- lowed to develop and accumulate in our own personal lives. At the level of our thoughts, is every thought a pure and benevolent one, which carries the best wishes for our fellow travellers. Unlikely, as we mostly learn to criticize and complain, attack and blame. At the level of our intentions do we always mean well and want the best for others, or are our intentions sometimes col- ored by selfishness or greed? At the level of outcomes do we celebrate the achievements of others as they grow to be all that they can be, or do we stand back in envy or jealousy? Our lives all begin within our own consciousness. The lakes and the landscapes of our mind and intellect are where we all live the most. Do we keep them clean and pure and unspoiled? Can beauty and harmony be found within? No! Then perhaps we need to clean up inside be- fore we condemn others on the outside. Because what is out there is simply a reflection of what is in here! And we are all in it together. Perhaps that is why no one is to blame but we are all responsible.

Barriers to Love: –

Whatever is in your heart that is not clean, not true, will ultimately begin to act like a wall, obstructing the natural flow of love. This wall is blocking people, who say that there is no love in their life. Actually there is love, but they just can’t accept it. Ego is the clearest example of this. Ego limits the flow of love by placing conditions on the love you give and receive. Ego uses love to satisfy its own needs and desires. It produces a love, which is deceptive, one which brings only temporary satisfaction. Ego does not allow you to experience true love or share it. If fact, ego is capable of destroying your ability to feel love altogether.



  1. No point using limited life to chase unlimited money.
  2. No point in earning so much money that you cannot live to spend it.
  3. Money is not yours until you spend it.
  4. When you are young, you use your health to chase the wealth; whenyou are old, you use your wealth to buy back your health; difference is that it is too late.
  5. How happy a man is, it is not how much one has but how little one needs.

6. No point working so hard to provide for the people you have no time to spend with.


Life is all about choices. When you cut away
all the junk, every situation is a choice.
You choose how you react to situations.
You choose how people affect your mood.
You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. The bottom line: It’s your choice how you live life.

What I am experiencing at this moment is the result of choices and decisions made in the past; what I will experience in the future depends on choices and decisions I make now.

Think Simply: –

With so many choices and decisions, so many demands from people and events, in our modern fast changing world, it’s a real challenge to ‘keep it sim- ple’. Making it simple means making things easy and clear. The magic wand to wave over your life is ‘planning and prioritizing’. Make plans, long and short term and then prioritize. Then practice taking one thing at a time, so you can have one thought at a time, with some space before you have to have your next thought. But don’t get attached to your plans or priorities. Be flexible (easy) and yet focused (clear) and in this way you can teach yourself to think simply and act simply. One thought at a time. At your own pace. In your own space. A simple life is a contented life.

Life of Peace: –

Ignorance makes you believe that life functions haphazardly. Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound signifi- cance. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from seeds planted in the past. Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the future.

Live purposefully: –

If you do not live life on purpose you live life by accident. Why do some days feel like a motorway pile up? It is because you haven’t sorted out your purpose yet. The highest purpose is always giving, or serving others, without wanting anything

in return. This is why relaxation is always impossible if we are always ‘ on the take’. There is an overall purpose for your life, and each of the many scenes, which fill your day, is opportunity to serve your purpose. Take time to think deeply, listen to your intuition, and with patience, the reason why you are here, and what you uniquely have to give, will occur to you. Then you can live your life ‘on purpose’.


KISS THY LIFE – (KISS = Keep It Simple & Sweet)

Keep It Simple and Sweet – Simplifying our activities does not mean sinking in to laziness; on the contrary, it means acquiring a growing freedom and coun- teracting the subtlest aspect of inertia. To simplify our speech is to curtail the stream of pointless talk that continuously flows from our mouths.

Having a simple mind is not the same thing as being simple minded. On the contrary, simplicity of mind is reflected in clarity of thought. Like clear water that lets us see all the way to the lake bottom, simplicity reveals the nature of the mind behind the veil of restless thought.

If you analyze each chapter of Gita (Hindu Bible), following is the nutshell meaning of life.

1. Life is a Challenge 2. Life is a Gift
3. Life is an Adventure 4. Life is a Sorrow

5. Life is a Tragedy
6. Life is a Duty
7. Life is a Game
8. Life is a Mystery
9. Life is a Song
10. Life is an Opportunity 11. Life is a Journe

12. Life is a Promise 13. Life is a Love 14. Life is a beauty 15. Life is a Spirit 16. Life is a Struggle 17. Life is a Puzzle 18. Life is a Goal

Meet it Accept it Dare it Overcome it Face it Perform it Play it Unfold it Sing it

Take it Complete it Fulfill it Enjoy it Praise it Realize it Fight it Solve it Achieve it

Life is a game of forgetting and remembering.
You are losing the game when you… forget who you are and what you are doing here, and remember the false things of the past and what they did to you.

You are winning the game when you… remember your true identity of peace, and remember GOD who is always peaceful and has unconditional love for you, forget troubles of the past and move forward with the lessons learned. Observe what you remember during the day and what you forget during the day.



Life is a Challenging Journey. So Challenge we must meet and Journey we must complete. Every time a challenge comes in one’s life, whether it is about family, job, friends, personal relationships etc., one has to be aware of the following stages of awareness.


Your desires are dissatisfied; something you want is meeting with opposition. There is underlying hope and fear. Your mind does not know what action to take. Every action has its consequences good or bad. There is big confusion in the mind. One gets frustrated and sometimes anger takes charge. Lot of energy is lost in thoughtlessness and one gets exhausted. The more one struggles to get free of a problem, the more he/she is trapped in to it.


Now one is tired, taken deep breath, sitting down calmly and started rationalizing the ideas of hope and fear. Your vision extends beyond the conflict, giving you more clarity. With clear vision, you no longer feel confused. The need to struggle begins to diminish. You start to let go. You approach decisions with confidence. You meet fear realistically and it starts to lessen. You can tell that you have reached this level of awareness when you no longer feel stuck. A process has begun. With greater expansion, unforeseen forces come to your aid. You move forward according to what you desire from your life. If one rationalizes the situation further, he/she will find that following questions come in to one’s mind.

  1. Why do I perceive the whole situation in negative way?
  2. Why do I assume certain things and do not look in to facts?
  3. Why do I expect certain things from other people? One should know that positive expectations are ruled by hope and negative expectationsare ruled by fear.
  4. Why do I disguise my feelings? Being emotional is equated with being out of control; which itself is an undesirable feeling.


This is the stage where no problem exists. Every challenge is a creative opportunity. You feel completely aligned with the forces of nature. The outer world reflects what is happening in your inner world. You feel completely safe and at home in the universe. This is the spiritual level. Now is the time to take some positive action.